Play Music ( Windows Vista )
To Stream Music in a Chat room you must first setup your sound card, Please follow the steps below Windows Vista Only

Step 1
• To setup your sound card to stream music, Right clicking on your speaker icon, found in your windows Taskbar next to the clock

• Select “Record Devices”
Step 2
• You’ll need to disable your Microphone, you can do this by right clicking on it and selecting Disable.
Step 3
• Now you must Enable the Channel that allows your sound card to stream Music, In most cases the name of the channel is called “Stereo Mix” right click on stereo Mix and click Enable.

• Once you’ve Enabled Stereo Mix click “OK”

• If you don’t see Stereo Mix listed, try Right clicking and selecting “Show Disabled Devices”
Unfortunately, each Sound card uses different channel names. Look for a channel similar to one of the names below

Stereo Mix Stereo Mixer
Wave Out Mix Record Master
What U Hear Wave/MIDI/CC
Mixed Output Sum Balance

You can now play music in the room from your sound card! When you want to use your microphone for talking you’ll need to re-enable your mic and disable stereo mix.

Using The Microphone in The Chat Room
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