Play Music (Windows XP)
To Stream Music in a Chat room you must first setup your sound card, Please follow the steps below

Step 1
• To setup your sound card to stream music, Double click on your speaker icon, found in your windows Taskbar next to the clock.This will open up your Volume Controls.
• Click on Options and select “Properties”.
Step 2
• When the Properties window comes up, put a check on “Recording” and click “ok
Step 3
• In Recording Controls , You’ll need to select the channel that allows your sound card to stream music, the most common channel is “Stereo Mix” but can go by other names check the list below.

• Put a check in Stereo Mix and close the Recording controls window
Unfortunately, each Sound card uses different channel names. Look for a channel similar to one of the names below

Stereo Mix Stereo Mixer
Wave Out Mix Record Master
What U Hear Wave/MIDI/CC
Mixed Output Sum Balance

You can now play music in the room from your sound card! When you want to use your microphone for talking you’ll need to re-enable your mic and disable stereo mix.

Using The Microphone in The Chat Room
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