Share Slide Presentation
Step 1
• To broadcast a Slide Show while in a chat room, first click on the “Broadcast” Button to bring up the Video Panel
Step 2
Click on “Open files” when the drop down menu appears click on “Start Slideshow
Step 3
A empty Image/Video Playlist will now appear, To fill your playlist with files click on the “Playlistbutton on the top left hand corner
Step 4
From the menu select the “Add new playlist items”
Step 5
Now you can Browse your computer for Images and video files to share with the room, Highlight the files you want to upload into the playlist and press open.
Step 6
Once your Pictures are in your playlist, simply click on a file name in your list, and it should appear inside of your video panel.
Step 7
Once you see your picture in your video panel, click on “Click to share” to let everyone in the room see your pictures
Step 8
Your camera icon by your name in the room should light up, letting the room know that your sharing your slideshow.
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