Create a Multimedia Chat Room
Step 1
• To create your own Chat Room, Open the Room Directory, and click on the “Create Room” Button

Attention: You cannot Create a Room if you’re currently inside of a chat room, leave the Room and continue on….
Step 2
General Info
Type in all required Info

• Room name: Type in the name of your room
• Description: Type in a brief summary of what your room is all about

• Category: Choose where to place your room based on your rooms subject and topic

• Room Specifications: Allows you to determine if your room will be enable with Voice, Video or Password protected.

• Password to enter room: Enter a Password here only if you want a Locked private room

• Password to Manage room: N/A

When you’ve entered the info click on “Content Controllocated on the left side menu
Step 3
Now you’ll need to select a Room Grade or “Rating” for your room, Read the descriptions for each Grade/Rating When you’ve decided, put a red dot by your choice by clicking on the small circle.

• Click the “Create” Button to Make your room

G General Audience, and Communities General Chatting
B Business, Trade, Commercial, Professionals
T Teens 17 and under
R Rated, for adult conversations, No Nudity
A Adult content not suitable for anyone under 18yrs of age

Step 4
You should now see the “Connecting to room please wait” Window Your room is now in the process of being made, this should only take a few moments.
All Finished
Now enjoy your room and invite your friends
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