Share Slide Presentation
Step 1
Broadcasting a slideshow within a instant messaging

• First Click on the “Webcam” Button located on the left hand side of the PM window
Step 2
• Click on “Open files” when the drop down menu appears click on “Start Slideshow
Step 3
• A empty Image/Video Playlist will now appear, To fill your playlist with files click on the “Playlist” button on the top left hand corner
Step 4
• Now you can Browse your computer for Images and video files to share with the room, Highlight the files you want to upload into the playlist and press open
Step 5
• Once your Pictures are in your playlist, simply click on a file name in your list, and it should appear inside of your video panel.

• From the menu select the “Add new playlist items”
Step 6
• Once you see your picture in your video panel, click on “Click to share” to let everyone in the PM see your pictures To end the slideshow close the “Playlist” Window and click on the X on the video panel
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